November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013

November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

November 24, 2013


I went to an aquarium today.


November 23, 2013

A short I created with some classmates for my Moving Camera class at  Temple.

November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

November 3, 2013



Something from First Friday.

Playing Chess – Kickstarter

There are two things that Charles holds most dear: Memories and tradition. But when his sister suddenly goes missing he embarks on an absurd quest to find her and return things to the way they have always been.

Hey guys! This is the kickstarter for a Temple senior film that I am producing this semester. Please consider taking a look, sharing with your networks and/or possibly give a little something to help this awesome film get into production!

The producing of this film has basically been my life thus far this semester and I’m looking forward to seeing it reach its goal. Thank you so much for taking a look!

October 26, 2013

heidi_sheppard_forest_sunset_grantham copy

The film major in me is slowly taking over. I love “cinematic” crops.

October 25, 2013



Something from the archives. Had to sit on it for a year or so before I finally figured out how I wanted it.

October 25, 2013

heidi_sheppard_philadelphia copy


Something quick. Turned out nothing like I expected/wanted it to. Oh well.

Classes are sucking up my life these days. Thus the infrequent posts…. As usual.